VELLO bikes are high-performance, handmade and foldable bikes developed for urban commuting. They combine the best features of city, racing and trekking bikes with the ease of a folding bicycle, while also integrating new functions and technologies to suit the needs of the urban lifestyle. The compact size and 20 inch wheels make the VELLO bike easily maneuverable and responsive for speedy handling in cities. With its unique folding mechanism, it can be folded within seconds and then rolled along - perfect for bringing on public transportation or fitting into small elevators.

VELLO BIKE offers three unique models to accommodate all riding styles in the city.


We have put a lot of thought into developing a folding bike without any compromise to its riding performance: top-quality components combined with new technologies, an exclusive design and various specially developed innovations guarantee a comfortable ride in the city, also over long distances.

Enjoy a new and unique bike experience!

  • Integrated safety lights on the front and back for better visibility on the streets at all times.

  • Magnet release and suspension integrated in one design element: a powerful magnet connects the back wheel to the main frame. The connecting element also houses the bicycle’s rear suspension element.

  • A folding mudguard protects the bicycle components and keeps the clothing clean (optional feature).

  • A personal online registration- and identification system for your VELLO bike makes it harder for thieves to resell your bike and facilitates its retrieval.


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