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Do the smaller wheels (20 inch) make me have to pedal harder to reach the same performance as with a mountain or city bike (26 - 28 inches)?

No. This is why:

  • it has to do with the transmission of pedal power to the wheel – the gearing is adjusted to reach the same effective wheel radius as with a trekking or mountain bike;
  • lower moment of inertia allows faster acceleration and more responsive steering;
  • lower aerodynamic drag than with larger wheels means easier pedaling.

Why does VELLO offer three different bike models?

While the frame is standard, the VELLO bike itself can be customized to fit the individual riding styles of all bikers. We offer different types: Urbano, Speedster and Rocky. We have identified these three models as the most popular types and colors.

Where do you ship and what are the costs?

VELLO products are shipped worldwide. Shipping costs will be added at check-out on the basis of the chosen shipping location.

Will I need to pay customs?

We will be shipping from Austria and no customs apply to our EU customers. Custom fees may apply for other countries and regions.

Can I test ride a VELLO bike?

You can test ride our VELLO bike at one of our retailers or get in touch directly with us to organise a test ride in Vienna. We're located at Mollardgasse 85a/II/87, 1060 Vienna, Austria.

Is my payment secure?

Our SSL certificate protects your sensitive data at check-out. With the GoDaddy SSL, we use one of the world's strongest encryption.