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The high-performance folding bicycle
from Austria


VELLO BIKES are compact folding bicycles developed for urban mobility and designed to master long distances easily. They include some
of the best features of a city, racing and trekking bike, while also integrating new functions to cope with the demands of the urban lifestyle.

The 20 inch wheels allow for speedy handling, perfect for the city where many stop-go motions are part of one‘s everyday commute. With its unique and patented folding mechanism, the VELLO BIKE can be easily folded in seconds and then rolled along – perfect for bringing on public transportation or fitting into small elevators. Its robust, unisex Chrome-Moly steel frame, as well as the specially designed magnet- and rear suspension that also includes the folding mechanism, help to smoothen the ride on bumpy streets.


  • New folding system. Half-folding and rolling with a simple kick! The specially designed, easy folding mechanism has been optimised in a way that you don’t need to bend nor hassle with various hinges. The bike can be folded in half with one move and in one second without having to use any hands. Just flip the back wheel and roll the compact bike wherever you need to go - onto small elevators, into the subway, office or storage at home.

  • Magnet release and suspension in one. A specially developed magnet release system combined with rear suspension was designed in a way that both functions, the folding mechanism and the suspension, are integrated in one design element, thereby saving on extra weight.

  • Steel frame and unique design. Its unique unisex bike frame is stable and shock absorbent, thus perfect for any terrain in urban areas. The design patented steel frame is characterized by two parallel running frames giving it extra stability and durability.

  • Integrated lights. The safety lights on the front and back are integrated into the seat post clamps, thus offering extra visibility on the streets and protection from theft.

  • Anti-theft codification system. A personal online registration- and identification system for your VELLO bike makes it harder for thieves to resell your bike and facilitates its retrieval


Often the question is posed if smaller wheels of 20’’, instead of the 26” or 28” commonly found on trekking bikes, racing bikes or mountain bikes, make the riding experience slower.
Does a small wheel require more energy to reach the same performance as a larger wheel-sized bike? The answer is NO. 

This is why:

  • it has to do with the transmission of pedal power to the wheel – the gearing is adjusted to reach the same effective wheel radius as with a trekking, racing or mountain bike.
  • lower moment of inertia allows faster acceleration and more responsive steering.
  • lower aerodynamic drag than with larger wheels means easier pedaling.

Vello bike is a perfect companion for city commuting as its compact size and 20 inch wheels makes it easily maneuverable and responsive for speedy handling in cities.


Simply, VELLO bike offers a wide range of advantages over a traditional non-folding bike:

  • easily transportable thanks to its innovative folding mechanism. The VELLO bike can be folded and rolled along wherever needed, e.g. onto public transportation, and it fits in the luggage or trunk of the car
  • saves space when stored
  • theft- and damage proof as it is small and can be taken along everywhere rather than being left outside
  • perfect for long distances with its mutispeed attribute and excellent transmission power